Real visits - no bots! Beware of other sellers selling similar services thru automated bots. 

We guarantee keyword targeted organic visitors from google with low bounce rate(less than 30-35%) and long visit duration(2min+ 100% guaranteed)

This Organic Search Traffic Package offers:
1000+ daily visitors for 30 days.
High quality keyword targeted traffic - 1-5 keywords/phrases accept.(if you need more eywords check my extras)
Traffic come from google search your target keywords
Long visit duration(2min+)
Low bounce rate(less than 30-35%)
Visits from all over the world, mostly from United States (50%) and Europe(contact me for targeted country)

Visitors will spend at least 2 minutes on your website.
Visitors will browse your site's internal pages.
Visitors will interact with your content by their own free will.
Fully trackable traffic in Google Analytics
Completely safe traffic to use with Google AdSense or any other CPM, CPA or Affiliate Network.

No ad clicks, subscriptions or sells are being enforced and therefore, guaranteed.

Links not accepted:
– video or audio sharing websites (i.e. YouTube, ..)
– promotional links (i.e.,..) 
– social media profiles, pages, posts, contests (i.e. Facebook,..) 
– websites containing illegal content, malware and / or auto-downloaders

​No ad clicks, subscriptions or sells are being enforced and therefore, guaranteed. 

To get the most accurate results, please make sure that your Google Analytics tracking code is implemented correctly in the head section of all the pages of your website’s

and that your website is properly optimized for page loading speed (check page speed on one of online speed checkers sites) 

Please be Note :

✔ Sending Traffic from your keywords. so you have to track all the details in your Google Analytics or Blog or Wordpress , etc... There is no way to provide tracking links for the Keyword targeted Traffic

✔ Definitely you will receive low bounce rate and high duration traffic. but if you buy more traffic from different sellers then it will also affect your google analytics. please be consider this

✔ If you want to track all the details only from your Google analytics please make sure you have correctly activated your google analytics code.


Please provide your 
Only one URL
1 to 5 keywords


$97.00 Regular Price
$87.30Sale Price


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